Welcome to VII Bistro

Listen to Your Palate, Where the Flavor Inebriates You


Welcome to VII Bistro

Satisfying your palate is our priority and we have carefully curated an array of meals to satisfy your culinary cravings. To enjoy extraordinary meals with an exquisite experience from the finest chefs, the VII Bistro restaurant and bar is where you should be.

The ambiance is spacious and positively clean furnished with cosy and luxurious seats. VII Bistro mines the middle ground between food and emotion, between aesthetically pleasing presentation and flat out deliciousness.

We also have a Rooftop Bar & Lounge at our two locations which is the ideal spot for guests to kick their shoes off and relax. Doesn’t matter if you’re a wine or cocktail guy, there’s something for everyone here. Our globally renowned bartenders are here to intrigue your taste buds.

  • Idris Abduljalaal

    It’s an unlikely setting for an exquisite dining experience—served up by a couple straight out of a rom-com plot.

  • Kehinde Ogundele

    The setting is unique compare to other restaurants it gives me a different vibe just like the taste of thefood, it's my new favorite spot.

  • Chioma Ofodile

    The waffles are the best they remind me of my time back in the UK, the quality in taste is fantastic I must confess.


Open 24Hrs daily
Hey, come and dine with us at VII Bistro restaurant and Bar. We can’t wait to give you a memorable experience.

7,Kampala Street, Wuse,
Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria

Phone: 07012929297
Email : customers@viibistrong.com

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